Do you also check persons (self-employed)?

The Datlab Sanctions service examines natural and legal persons registered in Commercial and Trade Register.

What makes Datlab Sanctions unique?

Datlab Sanctions examines, in addition to sanctions lists, Russian influence according to the articles 5k and 5l Council Regulation (EU) No. 833/2014 of 31 July 2014, as amended by later regulations.

Can the status of the company be downloaded back to the given day?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, as sanctions and ownership structures in changes over time.

How many and which sanctions do I check?

Datlab Sanctions review more than 27 sanctions lists. Simply put, if the sanctions list is relevant in terms of legislation of the Czech Republic, Datlab Sanctions against him is checking. Their complete and the current list can always be found on the certificate. Furthermore, we check the ownership links between companies, the Register of realowners, i.e. owners including indirect, foreign and Commercial Register(statutory representatives, property ties). The service searches for direct and indirect property ties, provides warnings even in in case of established historical or personal ties (e.g. sanctioned members of bodies).

How long will it take for the changes in the sanction lists to be reflected in the Datlab Sanctions?

Within 24 hours.

How it works?

Will I also check foreign companies?

Screening of foreign companies is now in BETA operation. But soon it will also be possible on the web. For now, contact us at

What do I get as a verification output?

If the company is in order, you will get a certificate that it is not registered on any sanction list. If she is subject to sanctions, you will receive a certificate of identified risk (pdf).

How quickly you can check the company?

You will see the result of the verification immediately.

When a client comes to me in six months, do I have to click out again?

Yes, it is possible that he could have been on sanctions lists in the meantime.

Payments and invoices

I can't pay by card, what about it?

Contact us by email We will surely find a common solution.

Will I receive an invoice?

Of course, the invoice will be uploaded to you at the time of payment. We are VAT payers.

For what period can the Datlab Sanctions subscription be ordered?

For subscriptions, prices are guaranteed when ordering for min. 12 months. For a shorter period, a fixed surcharge is charged in the form of 2 monthly payments.

How do I pay for subscription services?

Currently, it is done by bank transfer based on the order, which can be sent to emails or, or to the data box uat9wps.

Functions of application

Can multiple companies be checked in bulk at the same time?

Yes, you can. If you have a subscription, you can check more companies yourself here. If you do not have subscription, contact us by email, eventualy

Can you look after our regular suppliers for us?

Yes, you can order Hlídač as additional service to your subscription, which regularly checks the companies you've reviewed in the past.

We have our own software and we would like to link it to your service is possible?

Datlab Sanctions support connection using programmatic connection REST API and SOAP API. This connection is available in the highest subscription variant free.

Do you also know the indirect ownership structure?

Datlab Sanctions is a comprehensive tool that can recognize even the most demanding proprietary structures if data is available.

One-time verification

How long will my purchased one-time verification last?

You can use the verification at any time, there is no time limit. However, once you use it, the verification applies to the day of use.

Can I trace who drew our one-time verification?

Yes, in the drawing history section you can see individual movements, including downloading invoices and certificates generated at the time of use.