Price list

We offer the following options (price is always for one legal entity with the possibility of unlimited access by employees):

Variant No of queries (per month) PDF ceritificate Bulk verification Price (per month excl. VAT)
S 5 (web)
limit is shared for users from the same domain
M 50 (web) 2.000 Kč
L 200 (web) 3.000 Kč
XL 500 (web) 4.000 Kč
XXL unlimited (web + API) 8.000 Kč
batch one-time verification 4.000 Kč + 10 Kč per each verified ID number

The price is valid if ordering the service for 12 months or more.For a shorter period orders, a fixed surcharge of 4,000 CZK is charged.

How to order the service?

A binding order can be sent to the data box uat9wps. (this service is operated by Datlab s.r.o.) or via Subsequently, an invoice will be issued to the customer and the service will be activated.

The order must contain:

  • Identification of the customer (billing information, contact person)
  • Selection of the pricing variant and length of the ordered period (the price will be calculated and invoiced for this period, and then automatically renewed upon its expiration)

You can find detailed terms and conditions for providing the service here .